First Sunday of the month: 8am Book of Common Prayer Service, 10am family service and 6.30pm Choral Evensong.

2nd, 3rd, 4th (and 5th) Sunday of the month: 9.30am Parish Eucharist in Church.

We would love to see you at any of our services, whether you have joined us before or not.  Please encourage your friends to join us too.


As we head into Autumn and winter, there are a number of special services ahead, including Remembrance and Christmas services.  The details of all of our services are available over on our Church Services page.  Click HERE to have a look.



All the details for this wonderful event are available on the Christmas Tree Festival page.  Click HERE for to find out more, including how to enter a tree.

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In December 2021, the Garden of Remembrance was completely rebuilt, as the sleepers around the edge had rotted.  During the course of that work, some personal items which had been put there were removed.  Please open the attached document HERE for more information about the work that was done, why certain items were removed, and which items are and are not permitted in a historic Church of England graveyard.

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Following a Health and Safety inspection in September 2021, a number of gravestones in the new churchyard were lowered, because they were found to be unsafe. Please to do not attempt to lift or re-seat a gravestone yourself.  It must be done professionally for the safety of all visitors to the graveyard.  Responsibility for the maintenance of gravestone rests with the family of the deceased.   We have, so far unsuccessfully, tried to contact the next of kin for the affected gravestones.  If you are related to one of the following, or have contact details for somebody who is, please contact us HERE so that we can advise further.

1) Nina Gates/Alfred Gates/Dennis Blackman

2) Jack Pritchard 

3) William (Bill) Game/David Game/Sheila Game

4) Allie Bullen/Ethel Bullen (Cross only)

5) Dorothy Woollard

6) Charles Musicka/Winifred Musicka

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The pandemic, with its associated temporary closure of the church and then restricted numbers at services, severely affected our ability to raise funds.  Necessary expenditure to maintain the church still continued.  If you are able to donate, your contribution would be very much appreciated.  There are a number of different and easy ways to donate.  Please click HERE for details.