Patronage Scheme June 2023-May 2024

Current patrons, to renew your patronage for 2023-24

What is the Patronage Scheme?

This is an opportunity for everybody in North Mymms Parish and beyond to keep St Mary’s Church alive and open for the use and appreciation of everyone. Even if you don’t attend church, St Mary’s is an important and beautiful landmark, which holds a great deal of the history of the Parish. It has been, and will continue to be, there for you and your family for baptisms, weddings, funerals and other special occasions. We are asking for YOUR financial help to support the practical, ongoing costs of running and maintaining the building, to avoid it falling into disrepair and possibly risking closure. This Patronage Scheme is a way for you to contribute to maintain St Mary’s Church for future generations.

Why are we Launching this Scheme Now?

 St Mary’s is a historic Grade II* listed building, with the main part of the building dating from the 14th century. All restoration has to be carried out by skilled craftspeople and is consequently very expensive, as are the daily running costs to keep the church open. The income received simply isn’t keeping pace with today’s increasing costs.

Who is the Patronage Scheme for?

The scheme is for anybody and everybody who wishes to see St Mary’s Church here, as a well maintained, warm and welcoming building, serving the community of North Mymms for many generations to come in whatever way it is special to YOU.

What does being a patron mean?

You choose a date that is special to you and you ‘buy’ that date for £60. Your payment will help to cover the running costs for your special day. If you would like to buy the same date every year, that would be even better!

How can I be a Patron for the day?

 It is simple! Just choose a date that has significance to you – it might be that you wish to remember a loved one, a birthday, a wedding anniversary, a baptism, a family occasion or another special event in your life and pay £60 for that day. If you are eligible, please Gift Aid it too.   Click HERE and complete the form.  You can post it to the address listed, or email it to [email protected]

What do I receive by being a Patron?

•   Your name will be placed in the Patron’s book in church, open at the current month and showing the date and occasion you are commemorating.

•   The knowledge that YOUR patronage will make a big difference and that your donation is doing something VERY worthwhile to keep St Mary’s Church open for future generations.

•   A yearly commemorative certificate as a thank you.

The Cost of keeping St Mary’s open throughout 2021

Power and water                       £15,377

Insurance                                     £ 2,315

Repairs and Maintenance      £ 5,882

Total                                            £23,574

Cost per day                             £64.59

The above shows the main areas of expenditure which support only the building.  This does not include any one-off repairs or restoration to the historic fabric of St Mary’s or our mission work.

All the funds contributed to the Patronage Scheme are only to be used to support the overall maintenance, day to day running costs and restoration of the historic fabric of St Mary’s Church building.

If you would like more information about the annual costs of running St Mary’s and how it is funded, you can visit: How we are funded

If you would like to know more about this history of the church, you can visit our history pages.